We are here to grow food, make art, build connections & community with the intent of a just & sustainable future.


“Every scrap of biodiversity is priceless, to be learned and cherished, and never to be surrendered without a struggle.”

— Edward O. Wilson

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Students involved in the MADroots internship have a role that they lead and do projects for. The roles have been chosen based on personalities, interests, and individual experiences. Some projects are out of passion from the student or they were ideas we started as a group.

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We take care of 17 chickens at our garden plot!

We take care of 17 chickens at our garden plot!


Our Mission

This youth led program is persistent in making a more equitable and just world that gives others opportunities, compassion, and can sustain all beings on the planet. By growing fresh food, giving back to the community, sharing our experiences, and loving what we do, we learn that everything we truly need can be attained

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TIP of the day!

Meditation has the power to reduce aging, enhances awareness, reduces stress, pain, and has the ability to fight addictions.


The Facts

  • Soil from an organic farm has the ability to combat climate change as it stores carbon efficiently.

  • Livestock covers 45% of the earths total land.

  • Food production without chemicals, organic farming, helps clean the air, water, and our bodies.

  • Each year, animal agriculture uses a range from 34-76 trillion gallons of water and is the leading consumer of water in the U.S.

  • Each year, 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted. That’s one third of the food produced.

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Get Involved

The MADroots community is all inclusive and open to involvement in many forms. Help out at our sites during work parties, support us at the Cully Farmers Market, make art for the gardens, or have mindful conversations with those around you about the importance of sustainability. Advocate for others in your community. You are welcome here. You matter.

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